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Put Your Best Face Forward With Skin Tightening

Wrinkled, sagging skin sends a message of tiredness and aging. Boosting your look with our skin-tightening treatments is a great way to build back your self-esteem and look as good as you feel.

Jul 20th, 2021
Five Benefits of Body Contouring

That sleek silhouette is just the start of the amazing benefits of body contouring. This popular new wellness option is getting more and more attention as it gives many of us the body we want.

Jun 30th, 2021
Boost Your Confidence With BOTOX®

Botox remains one of the most popular cosmetic injections because it works. Not only does Botox reduce unwanted dynamic wrinkles, but it also restores your confidence. Read on to learn more about Botox and what it can do for you.

May 1st, 2021
Add A Lot Of Nutritional Bang With My 6 Favorite Mix-ins!

While most of the country is counting calories, I try to encourage my clients to look at the quality of what they are eating first. The reason is simple, and logical, yet we still feel the need to eat less and less to lose weight.

Oct 27th, 2020
Why Do I Get So Hungry Before And During My Period?

Cravings, bloating and then the hunger – the best diets are often laid asunder by your period. For many women, the symptoms leading up to and during the week of your period are outrageous, and one of these is the hunger...

Oct 12th, 2020
Why Are Soups So Nutritious?

When I started doing long distance endurance hiking, I had to come up with food that was efficient to carry. So it needed to be high in nutrition, and low in weight, yet able to satisfy my 6’2″ husband and week long trips of 100 miles...

Oct 1st, 2020
Its Easier To Maintain Fitness Than To Rebuild It.

How many times have we looked at celebrities well into their 50’s and 60’s and “wow’d” at how healthy and youthful they look. I’m not talking about having a face that looks 22, I’m talking about a lean, trim physique and a glow to the face...

Sep 26th, 2020
On The Edge Of Creation – Leaning Beyond Your Fear

So I just got back after a whirlwind 2 day working trip to Los Angeles where I was asked to give my testimonial for a new anti-aging product. While I have been asked many times over the last 14 years to endorse technologies and cosmetic products...

Aug 7th, 2020
Where Did 8 Glasses Of Water A Day Come From?

We have all been told at some point that proper hydration requires us to consume eight glasses of water a day. That works out to about two liters, which is an awful lot of fluid, considering the average human stomach (when unexpanded) is about the size...

Feb 1st, 2020