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All About Aging: What You Should Know

It’s no big secret that you’re getting older. It happens to everyone!

Try as you might, you can’t slow down time.

However, you may be surprised to hear that aging and getting older don’t always flow on the same timeline.

And aging is something you do have some control over.

The life of a cell

Most people don’t give a second thought about their cells – how they function and how long they live before they eventually die.

After a cell is born, it joins with other cells of its kind to form an organ. It could be skin, your brain, or a fingernail. They all begin with a single cell.

Each cell does its work for as long as it can, contributing to the overall health of the organ.

In time, each cell will start to decay and one of two things happens:

And different cells regenerate at different rates.

For example, gastrointestinal cells are continuously reproducing, as opposed to cells on the inside of arteries, which lie dormant but replicate in response to injury.

Some cells can’t reproduce at all, like those that make up the nerves, heart, and muscles. They must be constantly replenished by other cells in the body.

When your cells die faster than new ones are born, or if they become sick or diseased, you will die.

The longer your cells regenerate and degenerate at the same pace, the longer you will stay younger.

The health of your cells is important throughout your life but it’s especially important after the age of thirty.

At this point, it’s important to be intentional about boosting the health of your cells in order to stay healthy and live longer.

A cell needs oxygen, nutrients, and water — just like we do!

Too much exposure to bad things and cells can die.

Why is this important to understand?

The purpose of understanding your body on a cellular level isn’t to scare you but rather to empower you!

Knowledge is power.

Keep in mind that the healthier your cells are, the healthier your organs will be as you age.

Having all the information helps you to make choices that will help you live well for as long as you can.

No magic bullet

Everyone is looking for that quick fix.

The truth is, there’s no magic bullet that can reverse the aging process.

Our bodies are complex; intricately intertwined.

In order to actually slow the aging process on the cellular level, your overall physiology has to be in balance.

Getting your body to a place of homeostasis is the key to turning back the clock.

Internal vs. external

People spend millions of dollars on anti-aging treatments that are all designed to treat the outward signs of aging.

They will probably make you feel better about yourself, but they won’t do a thing for the health of your cells, organs, muscles, or bones.

Did you know that many doctors are immediately clued into what’s going on with a patient internally by observing their external appearance?

For example, skin with a yellowish hue could signal liver disease, skin with a grayish cast could indicate heart disease, dark under-eye circles may be a result of allergies, and cellulite could point to poor circulation.

The bottom line is you have to address the internal in order to see a difference in the external.

And that’s what The Well Path is all about. From increasing circulation to slowing down the aging process, we can help you get your body to that desired state of homeostasis. Find out how, today!

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