Endermologie® was the very first advanced technology to address the key factors that create cellulite: Water Retention, Hardened Fibrous Tissue, and Excess Fat. It is old -school, but we STILL love it even though it has been replaced by newer technology as a first line treatment for Cellulite.

Endermologie®, developed in France, treats cellulite by massaging affected tissue with the aid of motorized rollers and gentle suction. As connective tissue is massaged, circulation and skin tone are both improved, resulting in smoother skin and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Pockets of fat are separated from connective tissue and excess fluid and toxins are drained out of the area by the body’s lymphatic system.

The therapists at Wellpath have been performing Endermologie® successfully for over 13 years to clientele from all over the world, and we have been the Endermologie® experts in NYC since the technology was introduced over decade ago.  
Either as maintenance for any of our other body contouring or cellulite busting treatments, or as a stand alone treatment, Endermologie® remains a favored ENTIRE BODY therapy to improve and maintain the youth of the body.
  Wellpath uses only the most current Endermologie® equipment, and our therapists undergo rigorous training and certification in order to perform the treatment as effectively as possible, including the newest lipomassage technique.

3o-minute session   $250   15-minute session $175

30-minute session with Treatment Director Jennifer Piacenti $225

What can I expect during the treatment? You will put on a full body stocking, and the therapist will move the treatment head over your entire body with a series of specific movements to facilitate lymphatic drainage and to stimulate circulation throughout the body.  It is not unusual to urinate immediately afterwards due to trapped fluid mobilization. Throughout the treatment you will feel a gentle and enjoyable suction based massage. Afterwards, you will feel invigorated much like after a hard cardio workout- without the sweat of course.

Why do you still use this treatment? A lot of aging issues are related to a decline in  circulation including cellulite, loose skin, and trapped fat. When we improve the circulation, all of our treatments work better because we can more easily get oxygen and healing nutrients into the area while speeding trapped fat, metabolic waste, and excess fluid out of the area. It is a very enjoyable, non- invasive, whole body way to facilitate and maintain results.

I did this treatment somewhere else and it did nothing for me? Endermologie is very practitioner dependent. If you do not perform it well, it doesn’t work as well. We pioneered the use of this technology and pride ourselves on our therapists’ expertise. Although we do not use it as a first line treatment for cellulite anymore, it’s usefulness is still very helpful to a lot of clients who prefer a non- invasive method of powerful circulation stimulation.


over a year ago

WONDERFUL spa! – I’ve done their Carboxy Therapy, Endermology, laser hair removal, laser for acne, facials and eyebrow waxing. The whole staff is amazing – warm and friendly, helpful, wonderful. When I was told that the laser treatments were “painless” I laughed. But they really are!!! And I’m a HUGE wimp. Dr. Jame is sensitive and gentle and really takes her time with you. Jennifer makes you feel like a sister. The receptionist’s are great. And Leda gives the BEST eyebrow wax I’ve EVER had. I love this place. It’s like, my home away from home.


over a year ago

A smaller waist-and a bigger smile – I just completed my fourth treatment of carbossy by Dr. Jame and cant believe the results. My skinny jeans are fitting amazingly! I am so happy I felt the need to share!

Everybody at Wellpath is attentive and fantastic- I have also had my makeup done using Jane Iredale products (which are so much better for the skin during this crazy heat) and Endermologie with Jennifer- who is a doll!

Wellpath is a great spa that delivers even greater results!