We are all born with a certain number of fat cells and they either get bigger or smaller as we gain fat. The fat cell is like a balloon and when we let the contents out of the fat cell, it is like releasing the air out of the balloon and the balloon or fat cell diminishes in size. Therefore, our waistline, our saddlebags, our neck/bra/or arm fat shrink in size. iLipo™ is an FDA approved, non-invasive, painless laser that causes those fat cells to shrink in the same way that they would shrink with diet and exercise. The iLipo™ laser emits a cold light which selectively interacts with the surface of the fat cell.  That interaction causes the fat cell to release its contents and shrink. The contents of the fat cell are then both burned as an energy source when you are exercising or they are metabolized as waste via the liver. Either way, they are eliminated permanently from your body and the only way for that fat cell to plump up again is for you to eat more calories than you are metabolizing and store them inside the fat cell. The amazing part about this process is that it stimulates a NATURAL process and so there are no side effects or downtime or negative consequences. It is as if you lost the fat the good old fashioned way.

How does iLipo™ work? iLipo™ laser emits a single wavelength of light that is absorbed by a cell found inside the superficial fat cells of the body.  The reaction between the light and the cell painlessly makes holes in the wall of the fat cell. The contents of the fat cell, which give it its size, leak out and are eliminated from the body just like letting air out of a balloon.  The body then burns it as energy through exercise or metabolizes it in the liver. The cell, the surrounding tissue, and the circulation remain intact while your natural fat eliminating processes purge the fat from your body.

How is this better than liposuction or smartlipo™,  or Coolsculpt™? iLipo™ preserves the fat cell to maintain important hormone and immune system functions. iLipo™ also preserves the circulation in the surrounding tissue so that cellulite will not worsen and the skin above the fat will remain healthy. There is also no downtime, no pain, and no chance for scar tissue or complications from anesthesia or surgery. With iLipo™, unlike liposuction, if you gain the fat back due to lifestyle change, it will come back evenly and not in unusual places that alter your natural shape.

How is iLipo™ different from Zerona? iLipo™ is different from Zerona in that it allows us to super target a single area for shrinkage for maximum results. While Zerona is an all over treatment it is good for people wanting to shrink a few inches everywhere. iLipo™ because of its number of lasers and the ability to place the lasers directly on the target area allows us to deliver a targeted bullet in 20 minutes to a single area for immediate results. Treatments also are less frequent and allow a viable option for clients who cannot come in as frequently.

Do I have to follow certain diet or exercise protocol? During the 20 minute treatment, the body releases approximately 300 calories of stored energy from the targeted fat cells. We recommend a caloric deficit of that same amount within 3-4 hours after the treatment to allow the body to utilize that energy source and eliminate it forever. This could be an hour of walking or 30 min of running or similar activity.

Additionally, to maximize your results we recommend that you minimize refined sugar sources and fat from your diet. Sugar inhibits the enzyme Lipase which the liver uses to metabolize fat, and the fat in your diet will compete with the metabolism of the fat you are liberating from your fat cells. Additionally, if you are dehydrated, the liver is going to be busy doing the job of the kidneys and won’t bother metabolizing fat, so keep up your hydration. Otherwise, if you are really trying to lose fat, we recommend a goal of 1-2 lbs a week and using a calorie tracking program to ensure you are not eating too many or too few calories for optimum fat loss.

What happens the day of the treatment? You will have before pictures and measurements taken of the area you wish to treat. We will also weigh you and take body fat percentage. After that 4 paddles will be placed on the treatment area and for 20 minutes you can relax and rest as there is no sensation except a slight warmth. Immediately afterwards, we will take photos again and measurements. Measurements and photos may be retaken throughout the course of the sessions, but not necessarily every time.

What kind of results can you expect?
 By following the iLipo™treatment protocol, you can expect to 3-11 inches overall and shrink target areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. When iLipo™ is combined with a lymphatic or circulation stimulating treatment (with the iLipo XCell) or with Carboxytherapy , Velashape™, or Endermologie®, you can expect to amplify the inch loss as these techniques speed the fat out of the targeted areas.

Am I a good candidate for losing fat with Zerona? 
Yes -if you are in good health, are actively exercising, eat a healthy diet, and can refrain from consuming alcohol during the treatment process. People who have had liposuction in the targeted area have a more difficult time with results because of impaired circulation, however, some have had great results and we like to make sure we address that issue before you start treatments.

How many sessions are necessary? 
 Per FDA protocol, iLipo™sessions are booked as often as daily but not less frequent than twice a week for 8 sessions.  However, each individual may have different needs and that can be assessed with a complimentary consultation.

Is it permanent?
 Yes. Just like losing fat with diet or exercise, if you keep it off, it will stay off.

How much does it cost? 
Regular price for 8 sessions is $2500 iLipo XCell sessions are $3500 for 8.

“I can’t believe it shrinks you so fast” female client 36 yo

“It seems to good to be true, but it really works” female client 45 yo

“Finally a way to spot reduce. I was always afraid to do liposuction. Who would do liposuction if you could do iLipo?” Female client 40 yo

“My wife is totally coming to see you and do the iLipo after she saw my results” Male client 42yo

“That bra fat is finally gone and I got so many compliments last weekend about how great I looked” Female client 39 yo