Mesotherapy has evolved tremendously over the years in mainstream medicine around the world. The deposition of small amounts of active nutrients and medicines in the area where you want them to work has revolutionized how we avoid the side effects of oral medications.

In aesthetics, we can deposit small amounts of nutrients and medicines into the target area to get a localized response without having to take them internally. For example, for loose skin we can directly use vitamin C, a potent stimulator of Collagen synthesis, to tighten the skin of even large areas like the thighs and abdomen.

Additionally, after shrinking the stretch marks with carboxytherapy, we can use Vitamin C and other skin tightening solutions to help the marks re-pigment and disappear further.

At Wellpath we use mesotherapy to specifically treat stretch marks, hair loss, loose skin and cellulite.

How does mesotherapy work? With mesotherapy you put very small amounts of vitamins etc., right into the place where you want it to work. For example, if you want to tighten the skin, you could put Vitamin C directly in the skin with a small injection. The vitamin C goes in at full strength, therefore it has a much stronger and longer lasting effect than just rubbing it on topically.

What should I expect? The treatment feels like little tiny pinches in the area to being treated. You will have little raised bumps like a bug bite for a day and then a little pinpoint bruise for a few days. This all resolves quickly. There is no prolonged sensation or discomfort. Usual activities can be resumed immediately.

How often do I need to do mesotherapy? Depending on the problem, it can be as frequently as once a week to as infrequently as once every several months.

When will I see results? Since we are creating a physiological change, results are usually noticed about 3 weeks-1 month from the start of therapy.

Is mesotherapy safe? When mesotherapy is practiced correctly, yes, it is considered safe. I have tried all of my formulations on myself, and I have been using the same ones for over 10 years with only positive results.

What about lipodissolve and mesotherapy? Lipodissolve is not to be used with mesotherapy technique ever. If someone suggests that you do the two together, they either do not know what mesotherapy is or they are using lipodissolve the wrong way.


over a year ago

World’s greatest derriere – I asked my new boyfirend what he likes best about me, and he said my “derriere.” I owe it all to the carboxy & meso treatments at Wellpath. I called on Monday to schedule my next session 🙂