Childbirth and the natural aging process cause changes that may affect feminine wellness. A particularly strenuous vaginal childbirth, multiple births, and the effects of menopause can cause physical changes that rob women of their sense of well-being and happiness.

Having to worry about changes in urination, lubrication, tightness and overall appearance of the vagina can alter a woman’s quality of life tremendously. From skipping exercise classes, to planning frequent bathroom breaks, to avoidance of sex, women  have needed a simple and effective solution that doesn’t involve complicated surgery or drugs.

Well, now we have it! The ThermiVa uses gentle radiofrequency to generate new collagen and elastin giving strength to the walls of the vagina, and rejuvenate the cells that produce lubrication. With those simple changes women report great improvements in the tightness of the vagina (Inside and out), improvement in urinary frequency and leaking, as well as increased lubrication and sexual satisfaction.

The treatment can be done in 30 minutes, and there is absolutely no discomfort or downtime.

Typically, the treatments are done once a month for 3 months and then one session yearly to maintain the results.

FINALLY, a solution to a problem that women live with unnecessarily because their options are limited to hormones, temporary solutions, or complicated surgery.

What is the treatment like? Will I be uncomfortable? If you have ever gotten a vaginal ultrasound, the ThermiVa is similar. A very small probe is inserted into the vagina and the tissue inside is heated to a very specific degree that will stimulate the production of collagen. All you will feel is a gentle warmth. Because the technology is so accurate, the heating of the tissue is quick and regulated so that it will not get warmer than required to achieve the best results.  All of my patients remark about how comfortable and easy  it is.

How long is the procedure? The treatment is approximately 35 minutes from start to finish. We heat the internal portion for 25 minutes and the external portion for 10.

When will I see/feel results? You will see an immediate difference in the look of the external portion. Most women will experience a difference in the urinary symptoms after the first session as well. Subsequent sessions solidify the changes until maintenance is required.

What is the cost for the ThemiVa? Single sessions are $1500 each and a package of 3 is $4000

What if I get my results after 1 session? It is generally recommended that for lasting results at least 2 sessions be completed before going on maintenance, in order to experience lasting results.

I don’t have any problems on the inside, can I just do the outside? Absolutely! Treatments done on the outside take less time and cost less. The cost for doing a session just for the outside is $750. Or 3 sessions for $2100

Is there any downtime? There is no downtime. You can resume all regular activities immediately afterwards.

What do I need to do to prepare for my session? To prepare for your session you must:

  1. Have a negative pap smear within 1 year
  2. Remove all of the hair on the labia prior to the appointment. Hair on the pubic bone may remain.

If you have a history of herpes, you must be pretreated prior to the appointment as the heat can stimulate an outbreak.

“I am finally able to control my urinary frequency, I am so thrilled.”  GL

“For the first time in years, I feel comfortable with how it looks. What a difference it makes that I am not self conscious anymore. “ NC

“I just wanted to do something for myself, for this problem.  It has made such a difference to me. “ RN

“I can’t believe how simple and comfortable it is.” CR

“Wow……I no longer have to plan my bathroom stops. I feel so liberated. I didn’t realize how it had restricted my activities.” JS

“I thought there was nothing I could do after I had my 2 children, I wish I had known about the ThermiVa sooner.” CC

“I’m so happy.” MC