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The Well Path Book







Every day I see women who are desperate to break the cycle of “diet” failure and the shame that goes along with it. The Well Path Book is my mission to create a program for simple sustainable change and empower women to lose weight and anti-age successfully. Women who have followed The Well Path program have changed their lives easily without deprivation, expense, or endless hours at the gym. You too will learn how easy it is to achieve a vital and resilient body through small but powerful strategies. Once a woman is vital and resilient her body will take care of itself, and she can focus on the things that bring her joy and satisfaction.





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Your 60 day program to CHANGE

The “weight loss” industry has never talked about homeostasis and yet it is the crucial link to getting your body to lose weight, anti age, be vital and disease free.

Before any real sustainable change can happen, you need to bring the body back to homeostasis, its natural state of balance where it doesn’t hold on to excess fat, age prematurely, or generate excessive inflammation all of which causes destruction and disease. My program walks you through the small steps to sustainable CHANGE that I have seen work with my patients no matter what your age or health status is. Everyone can find success in this program. You will become empowered and feel the most vital you have felt in years. And best of all, You will be shocked at how simple and sustainable CHANGE is when you take it one step at a time.



Circulation is the movement of blood and lymph throughout the body. Maintaining a vigorous flow is crucial to homeostasis. A stimulated circulation allows cells to thrive, our body to receive oxygen and nutrients and efficiently rid itself of unnecessary fat and cell damaging waste. Learn the simple steps to a stimulated circulation.



Hunger is uncomfortable and we instinctively fixate on seeking relief from it. “True” hunger is a survival instinct. “False” hunger is caused by other uncomfortable feelings like boredom, sadness, and anxiety. I’ll teach you how to easily separate the two and end the struggle and shame of overeating and diet “failure”.



Being inactive takes the body out of homeostasis. Regular movement is essential, and yet we are more inactive than ever. Non-exercise activity is directly related to your metabolic rate, fat burning ability and circulation. Simple steps shift your body from inactive to active, burning calories without sweat, and shifting your body into fat burning mode.



Nutrition is not complicated. We have become disconnected from the thoughtful preparation of our meals out of convenience. “Diets” are too focused on calories and restriction and that has taken you out of homeostasis. Your body is starving, holding onto fat, and your cells aren’t thriving. Learn how easy, delicious, and satisfying it is to give your body the abundance of nutrition it needs to release fat, anti-age and be energized.


General Health

Sleep, Sex, Stress and Social interaction are the core elements that impact the general health of all human beings adding or subtracting from your overall happiness, wellbeing, weight loss, aging, hormonal balance, and susceptibility to disease. Learn the simple steps to bring them into homeostasis and feel the remarkable impact.



In my 60 day program you will learn how easy it is to shift your mindset about exercise and kick the “dreadmill” and meaningless calorie burn habit for good. Gain strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and cardiac capacity while having fun. Ditch the dread and empower your body to be strong for the rest of your life.



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