Carboxy Therapy has been used in the body for over 100 years. The technique originally developed to improve circulation in people who had narrowing of their arteries. Eventually, the use of Carbon Dioxide was studied extensively in Europe to help reverse the aging process by improving circulation. What they found was that this technique could be used very successfully to treat the following issues which stem mostly from diminished circulation:

  • Stubborn Fat deposits
  • Cellulite
  • Stretch Marks and Scars
  • Loose skin and wrinkles
  • Under Eye Circles
  • Hair loss
  • Unevenness from invasive treatments like liposuction, cellulaze, and CoolsculptScreen Shot 2013-10-21 at 5.10.37 PM

Not only does it improve circulation, it works synergistically with the body to shrink fat cells, stimulate collagen, and break down scar tissue all by using the body’s natural functions. Use this treatment to actually improve your aging physiology and reap long-term improvements. The body actually becomes healthier and more vital over time. The results are ALWAYS natural because your body is actually doing all the work. We have been using Carboxytherapy for 13 years with tremendous success. It is a great place to start with any problem, because once your physiology is improved, other treatments become more effective. It is our most popular treatment.

Is Carboxy Therapy safe? Yes. I have successfully treated thousands of women with Carboxytherapy, and I have had never experienced any problem with anyone whatsoever. I have been using Carboxytherapy on myself for 13 years with not one problem. In fact, after three children (the last at 42 years old), Carboxytherapy keeps me confident in a bikini! The body recognizes CO2 as natural and deals with its presence with a physiological response that is what makes it work so well for so many problems. It is an injection using an extremely small needle, and even those with the worst needle phobias have no problem tolerating the treatment.

Is there any downtime? Occaisionally, very small bruises will occur. This is most common for stretch-marks and treatments done on the body. Eye treatments rarely produce any bruising. These are normal bruises and fade within a few days. We generally recommend using arnica if you are prone to bruising and refraining from taking aspirin,  ibuprofen, or fish oils  during your treatments.

How many treatments do I need? Generally, eyes and stretch-marks are treated once weekly for 2-3 weeks, then spaced out to once every two weeks for 2-4 sessions, then once a month until done (typically 10-20 treatments for stretch-marks and 4-8 treatment for eyes overall). Stretchmark changes are permanent as long as no rapid growth occurs in the treated area. Eyes generally require once a year maintenance and are also recommended whenever there are  factors increasing sluggish circulation like travel, lack of sleep, stress and allergies. Cellulite and fat shrinkage treatments are done twice weekly for 10-15 sessions. Cellulite needs monthly maintenance and it is recommended to do maintenance the week before your period to off set the worsening of cellulite from water retention.

I have tried everything for stretchmarks, how does it work? The CO2 is injected into each stretch mark. This breaks up the scar tissue and brings powerful blood flow to the dead area. New tissue is then formed underneath the superficial defect in the skin, and with each treatment the good tissue starts to replace the damaged dead tissue causing the stretch mark to fill in, shrink, and re-pigment. You can expect at least 50 percent improvement in the appearance of the stretch marks. A 15 minute session typically covers a stretch mark area the size of 2 outstretched hands. It is recommended to take Vitamin C for the duration of the treatment at 1000mg 3 times a day.

How does this work for under eyes? Under eye circles, bags, and loose eyelids can be easily and effectively treated with Carboxytherapy. Placing CO2 in the surrounding skin of the upper and lower eyelids will improve the circulation by increasing blood flow around the eyes as well as stimulate collagen and elastin production to tighten the skin of the upper and lower lids–both of which help to eliminate the puffiness, bags, dark circles,  and sagging skin that are the hallmark of tired-looking, aging eyes. Your eyes will look good after the treatment, so there is no down time.

How much is it? Treatments start at $180 for the body, $250 for stretch marks and face. We offer multiple-area and package discounts.

Diane W. Manhattan, NY 5/4/2013

Dr. Jame is amazing! She is my secret to an amazing body. I’ve been going to Well Path this past year and love the results and staff!

It’s a small space and small staff. As a client, I feel like I’m part of the family. Dr. Jame is very friendly and not judgmental at all (like some other doctors in NYC who work on image..). I love that this space is owned by a woman and run by women. It makes the trips up here far more comfortable and I feel at ease. I know I’m in good hands when I’m at Wellpath!

I highly recommend the Epicuren facials and Carboxy!

Erica J. New York, NY 5/9/2011

First to Review I’ve been to Well Path several times now for Carboxytherapy. I can see amazing results after only a few treatments. The doctor and staff are very knowledgable and friendly. The space is intimate and clean. Also, the doctor was happy to stay with me a bit longer to answer all of my questions.

I’ll defiantly keep going back for upkeep!!

Lisa H.

Dr Heskett and Carboxy are phenomenal!!! – I saw Dr Heskett for a consultation of Carboxy therapy on recommendation from a friend at the gym. I had heard that Carboxy worked great for cellulite and that Dr Heskett was very honest about treatment expectations and results. Both could not be more true! I have struggled for over 8 years with the results of bad lipo on my thighs that left me with ripples and a worsening of my natural cellulite. Dr Heskett was positive that carboxy would deliver results so I had my first treatment on the spot. It only takes 15 min and I started to notice a difference in only 2 sessions. I have spent thousands over the years on every laser and endermology machine out there and nothing can touch the results I get from Carboxy. Dr Heskett works like a sculptor…often on her knees as I stand in front of her so that she can deliver the “healing gas” in just the right spots. My lipo deformities are barely noticeable at this point, and my natural cellulite has been mostly obliterated!!! The best part is that carboxy lasts for weeks so there is no need to make constant trips to the spa. Although, Dr Heskett is a joy to be around, so you may want to stop in more often : ) You will experience some pain from the procedure…mostly if you have had lipo and you have dense scar tissue that the carboxy gas has to break through, but the results are SO worth it! Honestly, this is the “Holy Grail” of cellulite treatments!!!!

Skinny j.

I had zero-in high quality treatments of Zerona, Tripollar and Carboxytherapy for the stubborn upper arms and legs areas. I’m very, very happy. Many thanks to Dr. Jamé ! Westchester Girl Wonderful Spa, Wonderful People – Dr. Jame, Liz, Jennifer and Carissa made my time spent at Wellpath very comfortable. They all are very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly I received both Zerona and Carboxy treatments. I am very pleased with the results; these treatments were a big success. I lost more inches than I thought I would and my clothes fit so much better…..I feel better. I even had Carboxy done on my chin and I can see my chin line turning back about ten years!!! I plan on continuing the Carboxy treatments as maintenance. I recommend Wellpath which is located on the upper east side, you won’t be dissapointed. Do yourself a favor and go!! I had my last Carboxy treatment appointment today and I already miss the staff. That’s how great they are!!!!!………but I will be back!

Artgal 123

You are well on your way with WELLPATH! – I am singing the praises of Dr Heskett and staff of this upper east side medical spa gem! I am thrilled with the results of my Carboxy Therapy treatment which I did for my eyes and the results are phenomenal. Due to the success of this treatment and CONFIDENCE that I have for Dr Heskett and her non invasive approaches but “stepping it up a notch” to rejuvenation therapies, I am now undergoing the E-Matrix skin tightening therapy for the face which comprise of three visits. I highly recommend this medical spa, its friendly accommodating atmosphere and most importantly, that it delivers with results!

petitebrunette over a year ago B E S T M E D I C A L S P A i n N Y C ! –

I give perfect ★★★★★ on my experiences at WELLPATH and my carboxy therapy sessions for eyes and legs.


I had issues with protruding fat in the lower eyelid areas. (under eye BAGS) Dr. Heskett explained Mode of Action or how the carboxy therapy worked for purging fat. I have received the treatment 3 times as of past Monday, and I am very pleased with the results I’ve been seeing so far. 

It really WORKS ! 

The results were more than expected. I now added this treatment for my legs. 

Please don’t waste your money on the products with false claims if you have the same problem as I did. 

You’ll benefit so much from Dr. Heskett’s skills and knowledges and the WELLPATH’s services. I also love, LOVE their informative website.

LDNYC over a year ago

It does not get any better than wellpath! – I can not speak highly enough about Dr Jame’ and her well trained, exceptionally knowledgeable staff at Wellpath. I have definitely been guilty of saying that this place is like Disney World for women. I tried Zerona and while doing Zerona I also did the Carboxy therapy which was totally worth it. Seemed daunting and scary at first but was definitely worth it in the long run. Zerona is 100% painless and while the Carboxy was a bit uncomfortable initially, for what it does to your body, it is worth it!! In this industry, I feel like many places, especially in NYC, will take you for your money and promise things that are not possible. At Wellpath, you will receive the best service, no strings attached 🙂

UptownDude over a year ago LOVE THEM!!!! –

Dr. Jame’ and the Wellpath staff (especially Jennifer) are wonderful! It was really comforting to work with people who honestly believe in the products they offer. I took a Lifebooker deal on Zerona and coupled it with 6 treatments of Carboxi because although I work out 6 times a week and do cardio 3 times a week I simply could not get rid of pesky love handles and back fat (I’m a 35 yr old man btw). My diet is quite good but they just would not go away. I was skeptical at first but I swear to you it is the BEST THING OUT THERE! Not invasive…the carboxi needle hurts a little bit, not more than any other small needle, but whats a little pinch to get rid of stubborn back fat? I am a customer for life. I LOVE THEM…and they are Libras as I am so they understand me lol. Back fat…gone. Love handles…gone! Best thing since sliced bread (wheat, not white) offered by the best practice group in NY. Doesnt get any better!!

rkp2ut over a year ago Made Me HOT –

I love this place! I have been going to Wellpath for three years now. I first went because I wanted to have laser hair removal on my back, and it was the closest place to where I live. I felt a little awkward at first because I thought it was a med spa just for women, but Dr. Jame and Jennifer made me feel very welcome. They love their gays! 

While Jennifer was doing my laser treatment, she asked if I had ever tried anything for the stretch marks on my back. (I do a lot of weight training and had some serious stretch marks from some big muscle gains.) I told her that I had tried various creams and treatments and that nothing had worked. She told me she could treat the marks with carboxy therapy. I decided to give it a try. Best. Decision. Ever. After just a few laser treatments for the hair and a few carboxy treatments for the stretch marks, I had (and have!) a smooth back without noticeable stretch marks.

Most recently, I returned to see about getting some localized fat treated. After bulking up for a few months, I was trying to lean down, but I could not get rid of a little lower back fat, and it was driving me crazy. Jennifer put together a personalized package of Zerona, carboxy, and Velashape treatments, and ZOMG, it did the trick! I was 13% fat at the beginning and 9% at the end! I did some dieting in there, which I know helped, but the difference was that the fat came from the right places–my lower back and a little area around my belly button!!

Try this place! You (and everyone who sees you shirtless and/or naked) will be glad you did.



Tula187 over a year ago

My New Favorite Place! – After having three dermatologists tell me there was nothing I could do for my stretch marks, I googled stretch mark removal and Wellpath came up. I had my free consult with Dr. Jame and then began carboxy therapy. I can not believe how well it worked! I had been embarassed to wear a bathingsuit because my stretch marks were so bad, and now you can’t even see them!

silke623 over a year ago

World’s greatest derriere – I asked my new boyfirend what he likes best about me, and he said my “derriere.” I owe it all to the carboxy & meso treatments at Wellpath. I called on Monday to schedule my next session 🙂

dopeylarue over a year ago

WONDERFUL spa! – I’ve done their Carboxy Therapy, Endermology, laser hair removal, laser for acne, facials and eyebrow waxing. The whole staff is amazing – warm and friendly, helpful, wonderful. When I was told that the laser treatments were “painless” I laughed. But they really are!!! And I’m a HUGE wimp. Dr. Jame is sensitive and gentle and really takes her time with you. Jennifer makes you feel like a sister. The receptionist’s are great. And Leda gives the BEST eyebrow wax I’ve EVER had. I love this place. It’s like, my home away from home.

tennisspiderman over a year ago

Carboxytherapy w/Dr. Jame is fantastic – This week, I came in for the 2nd time to meet w/Dr. Jame for carboxytherapy for my stretchmarks, and I have to say that this is the only treatment that works. My stretch marks on my hip-thigh area have faded and become less white (I have tan skin so they really show up) and have gotten thinner. It’s pricey, but definitely worth it since the results are permanent. The doctor is very professional and sweet and made the procedure as comfortable as possible. I would definitely recommend going to Wellpath to treat stretch marks, and I’m sure I’ll be checking out the other great services here as well.

carlag5 over a year ago

Best spa I’ve been to – I did the carboxytherapy with Dr. Jame Heskett and the results were amazing. The place is cozy, comfortable, and clean. The receptionists are very friendly and helpful and Jame herself is very sweet. She makes you feel comfortable and safe and explains the treatments very well as well and clearly knows what she is doing. She’ll let you know when something is going to hurt and she does everything she can to make it go as smoothly as possible, not to mention how accomadating and kind she is. I loved loved loved the results and the whole experience. Recommend it to everyone out there.

nycwise over a year ago

A smaller waist-and a bigger smile – I just completed my fourth treatment of carbossy by Dr. Jame and cant believe the results. My skinny jeans are fitting amazingly! I am so happy I felt the need to share!

Everybody at Wellpath is attentive and fantastic- I have also had my makeup done using Jane Iredale products (which are so much better for the skin during this crazy heat) and Endermologie with Jennifer- who is a doll!

Wellpath is a great spa that delivers even greater results!

ama1218 over a year ago

Great results and value – I initially went to Dr. Haskett for laser hair removal during Spa Week 2004. At the same time, I was seeing another doctor for laser treatments to a different area. Dr. Haskett was, by far, much more thorough. She explained the entire hair removal process to me and walked through the procedures that she would utilize. She was extremely clear on what she could accomplish and the results that she could obtain for me. Prior to my consultation with her I had extremely unsatisfactory results with electrolysis and realized I was receiving less than satisfactory results with the other doctor. Additionally being a satisfied client, with respect to the laser hair removal, I have utilized Dr. Haskett;s services for carboxytherapy, with great success. I have always been extremely satisfied with the results and value. I highly recommend Dr. Haskett for her professionalism, her ability and the results she has obtained for me. 

5 stars Anonymous Featured review

I visited Wellpath to reduce my cellulite using carboxy therapy. Within weeks the mild eczema that covered over about 40% of my body was gone. I now go approximately every 3-4 weeks to keep it from reoccurring. The procedure is mildly uncomfortable, but it is well worth the results of having clear skin. 

5 stars Courtney C Customer since 2012

I have been going to Wellpath for Carboxy and have recieved treatments from both Dr Jame & Jennifer — they are wonderful & I hsve seen a great refuction in my stretch marks. I had done one session prior to going to Wellpath of laser which did nothing for my marks, I noticed results with Carboxy right away.

CLAIRE M Customer since 2012

Wellpath is incredible. My search for an effective establishment with top notch professionals who understand the cutting-edge technologies and care about your needs, plus, has done wonders for my face/body is finally over! Both Dr. Jame and Jennifer are phenomenal. My skin has never looked this great. After one visit and just a few days after Apollo treatments and the true miracle, Carboxy, I’ve seen an enormous difference in the texture and overall appearance of my skin and tone of my body. Fast forward one year later and my skin continues to glow, my wrinkles are smoothed and by former Shar Pei neck is tight as a drum. I feel like the chemistry of my skin has completely improved. All of the treatments I receive are relaxing and so effective in a clean and lovely environment. I feel like I hit the jackpot! Claire M

5 stars Anonymous Customer since 2004

Love this place. The ladies are down to earth and gave me the best advise on the service I needed. The therapist really took the time to work with me and I am so happy with my results. I used the Zerona and Carboxy service! Thanks Wellpath!

Kim S.

ASTORIA, NY 5/15/2013 I have had carboxy treatments at wellpath about 10 times to help treat body fat in problem areas and I will keep going back for more! They always make me feel very comfortable and put me at ease. The treatment has definitely been effective for treating the areas I am targeting and I have had friends who are truly thrilled with the results they have had in using it to treat stretchmarks and under eye circles with the wellpath staff. I personally have been with all four therapist (Dr. Jame, Jennifer, Stephanie and Laura) currently at Wellpath and they are all clearly experienced and knowledgable about the treatment. I was nervous to try this treatment, but I am so glad that I did and I found a great place to keep going back to!

Shams S.

Manhattan, NY 2/2/2012 I have very severe stretchmarks at the front and back of my arms. I did three treatments of carboxytheraphy with them so far and they have vanished a good 85%. It is unbelievable. The treatment is non invasive which I like and you do see results.
Dr. Heskett is very friendly and knowledgeable about what she is doing.

Hollis W. Forest Hills, NY 3/8/2011

Wellpath offers innovative treatments, often at special prices, that deliver excellent results. Dr. Jame and team are caring, compassionate, and capable. They take the time to listen, to address all questions and concerns, and to thoroughly customize a treatment plan for your beauty goals. Every suggestion Dr. Jame has made has paid off “handsomely” for me!

I have gotten exceptional results from the Carboxy treatments that Wellpath offers. I was astonished at how effective they were, and quite affordable in comparison to pricier, more invasive treatments. This is, truly, as good as it gets. If you want to spiff up your appearance, “RUN don’t walk” to Wellpath!

kristin k. New York, NY 8/11/2010

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!! It has COMPLETELY reshaped my lower body! I’ve been coming to Wellpath for close to a year now after discovering that it is one of the only places in Manhattan that offers Zerona. The Zerona was fantastic, but what really stands out is that the staff was able to recommend add-on complimentary treatments that have compounded the results I saw from Zerona. I could not be happier. The staff completely designed a little program that they thought would be best for my lower body including Carboxy and Velashape. As I said, it has completely reshaped my lower body. 

The best part is that the staff is honestly the best you will find at any spa in the city. Some places feel cold and clinical when you walk in. Not Wellpath. They are so friendly, so knowledgeable and so engaged. I am honestly addicted to going. I am so lucky to have discovered it!