Beauty and health are as inseparable as the body and mind. Prolonged and intense stress is devastating to the body, and our first signs of aging are usually superficial. Suddenly, our largest organ, the skin, doesn’t glow as it used to and lines are more pronounced. Ongoing insults to our skin like sun exposure, pollution, and daily stress eventually exhaust the body’s natural healing capabilities. The skin does not get enough nutrition, cells do not get enough oxygen, and free radicals build up, killing the youthful tone, texture and color of the skin. The skin then gives in to aging, and we see it when we look in the mirror. 
Besides nutrition and exercise, having your face regularly cleaned and the dead skin removed and regenerated is the easiest way to keep the skin from succumbing to the environmental insults that swirl around us. All of our facials are highly therapeutic and are meant to deeply clean as well as nurture the skin. We recommend doing a facial before any of our anti-aging facial technologies or peels for maximum impact.

Epicuren® Facial – Our signature facial treatment

This three-layer treatment includes deep pore cleaning and uses customized Epicuren® products known for their enzymatic formulas that reduce dermal aging. The Epicuren® Enzyme removes superficial and pore-clogging skin cells, stimulates the circulation, and tightens the skin. $165

DNA Facial

This DNA repairing facial helps overcome the damage of the environment on our skin by neutralizing free radicals. We use products in this facial that specifically act to repair the DNA in our skin cells that becomes damaged over time. 

When should I do a facial?I think everyone should do a facial at least twice a year. The best time to do it is at the end of the summer and at the end of the winter to get the dead skin and clear out all the products and environmental garbage that clogs up our pores. That way anything that you do to treat your problematic or aging skin can work more efficiently on the healthy, receptive skin cells.

Why should I do facials? A good cleaning of the skin can go a long way toward prevention of problems that cause our skin to not look as optimal and as fresh as it could. Additionally, if you are investing in any anti-aging treatments including expensive cosmeceuticals, it is best to have a fresh face to get the most out of your investment.  You would never put a fresh coat of paint on a dirty wall.  You may not see the “dirt,” but it is there, and the face will look better if you clean it first.

How soon after doing a facial can I do my anti-aging facial treatments?Most of our anti-aging treatments can be done as soon as 1 week after our facials. If you do a facial outside of Wellpath, and it uses any acid peeling, please wait 1 month before doing your treatment.

Diane W.

Manhattan, NY


Dr. Jame is amazing! She is my secret to an amazing body. I’ve been going to Well Path this past year and love the results and staff!

It’s a small space and small staff. As a client, I feel like I’m part of the family. Dr. Jame is very friendly and not judgmental at all (like some other doctors in NYC who work on image..). I love that this space is owned by a woman and run by women. It makes the trips up here far more comfortable and I feel at ease. I know I’m in good hands when I’m at Wellpath!

I highly recommend the Epicuren facials and Carboxy!



over a year ago

Well done at Wellpath – I had laser treatments for my underarms here and I was quite pleased. I found the staff to be very informative and polite. They really are thorough and walk you through the process. The environment is cheery and down to earth. I highly recommend visiting for any of their services. I also booked an Epicuran facial (I swear by that line by the way) as a birthday gift for myself and can’t wait to go, as I hear their newest esthetician is fantastic!


over a year ago

WONDERFUL spa! – I’ve done their Carboxy Therapy, Endermology, laser hair removal, laser for acne, facials and eyebrow waxing. The whole staff is amazing – warm and friendly, helpful, wonderful. When I was told that the laser treatments were “painless” I laughed. But they really are!!! And I’m a HUGE wimp. Dr. Jame is sensitive and gentle and really takes her time with you. Jennifer makes you feel like a sister. The receptionist’s are great. And Leda gives the BEST eyebrow wax I’ve EVER had. I love this place. It’s like, my home away from home.


over a year ago

Best Spa Experience Hands Down! – The Epicuren Facial at Wellpath medi-spa is an amazing experience. When you enter this boutique size spa you feel like the spa is reserved for only you. After changing into a compfy robe you begin a total skin transformation. The facial is thoroughly cleansing and has anti-aging fruit acid peel that made my skin feel like I was a kid again. Not only do you get amamzing results, but the entire time the facialist is working on you, you never feel like it is ‘intense’…it feels like a beauty treatment. The facialist even faned me with japanese fans when I had the acid peel on my face so I wouldn’t get too hot. I had met with a make-up artist for an upcomming session of pictures the week before my facial, when I walked in the day of the shoot he was amazed at the difference in my skin. I had fabulous pictures taken, and the pictures didn’t need any re-touching on my face because the facial had made my skin so radiant! I highly recommend this friendly, beautiful spa to everyone.

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