Dr. Jamé Heskett is thrilled to be one of the first physicians in NYC to have the most advanced microneedling technology as part of her arsenal to fight fine lines, skin laxity, acne scarring, surface imperfections and even stretch marks.  Unlike previous micro-needling devices that rolled over the skin and created a less controllable and successful result, the Dermapen® uses a spring-loaded stamping technology that allows Dr. Heskett to customize the depth and speed of the skin micro-injury.  These micro-injuries in the skin stimulate collagen and elastin blasts by summoning the skin’s natural ability to repair itself through its natural physiology.   Combining microdneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma takes this technology to a whole other level. Platelet Rich Plasma is the most powerful stimulator for cell regeneration. Platelet rich plasma is filled with your own stem cells which accelerate the healing of the skin deep down into the dermis where the skin gets it strength and elasticity. New collagen, new elastin, new circulation.  The result is firmer, smoother, clearer, and tighter skin with very little downtime and minimal discomfort.  This treatment is excellent for all skin types, including those who have risk of hyper-pigmentation with a traditional laser treatment. Microneedling with PRP is as close as you can get to a facelift without going under the knife!


Microneedling has also been proven to help regrow hair and improve stretchmarks and scarring.

How long does the procedure take? The procedure is quick and ranges any where from 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. There is little or no discomfort during the treatment however,  we offer to  apply  topical anesthetics, that make the treatment even easier.

What can I expect during the treatment? When you arrive, our staff will have you wash your face removing your makeup. You will then have the option to have a topical anesthetic applied. While the anesthetic is taking effect, your blood will be drawn if you are having the microneedling with PRP. This is then placed into a special tube that allows us to concentrate your stem cells, which are then extracted and readied for your treatment. The anesthetic will be removed and the area to be treated will be covered with your Platelet Rich Plasma. The microneedling is then performed with a small pen-like device that has 15 very very small needles. The needles are passed along the skin in 4 directions making sure to make contact over the entire treatment area. After each section is completed, more of the PRP will be applied, and quickly absorbs into the skin where it has been needled. Once the entire area has been treated, the rest of your PRP will be applied.

What can I expect after the treatment?  After the treatment your skin will be slightly pink and perhaps a little swollen.   Do not apply makeup or sunscreen for at least 12 hours. Keep the skin clean and apply any home serums that are included in your protocol.  The skin will be moderately pink immediately afterwards and will last the day of the treatment. On the face and neck most people have no noticeable signs of the treatment the following day except a tightening of the skin.  The day after the treatment, any residual redness can be covered easily with mineral makeup.  When used on the body, some people will experience mild redness that lasts a few days. Most of these things are very slight though, and depend on the depth and aggressiveness of the treatment.  Avoid sun exposure as your skin heals over the next two weeks. Feel free to slather on the serums, hyaluronic acid moisturizers, and collagen peptide stimulating products as soon as the day after your treatment.

Who can receive this treatment? This treatment is safe for all skin types

What can the microneedling with PRP effectively treat? Microneedling can effectively treat acne scars, surgical scars, burn scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks to name a few. It is amazing for rejuvenating any area of the body that is wrinkling or sagging. We have had clients use it on their face, neck, arms, knees, abdomen and buttocks for wrinkling.

How many sessions do I need? This really depends on the individual and what the goals are. You will see an improvement after the first session. Subsequent sessions can be done in 3-4 week intervals. Most people do between 3 and 5 sessions for the face and neck or body wrinkling. Maintenance sessions are recommended 1-2 times a year.  Clients using this treatment for scars or stretch marks, may be doing 5-7 sessions depending on how large and deep the scarring is. Stretchmarks and scarring do not require maintenance as the results are permanent as long as the skin does not stretch again.


“OMG!  Love it!  Can’t thank u enough!” Female Client 50 yo

“WOW! Thank you Thank you! Mwah!” Male Client 50 yo

“Can you believe what it did for my eyelids?” Female client 52 yo

“This is so amazing, I cannot believe what a difference it made after only 1 session” Female Client 46 yo

“This is so great that I know I am going to want to try it on my whole body” Female Client 56 yo