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Your 60 day program to CHANGE

The “weight loss” industry has never talked about homeostasis and yet it is the crucial link to getting your body to lose weight, anti age, be vital and disease free.

Before any real sustainable change can happen, you need to bring the body back to homeostasis, its natural state of balance where it doesn’t hold on to excess fat, age prematurely, or generate excessive inflammation all of which causes destruction and disease.  My program walks you through the small steps to sustainable CHANGE that I have seen work with my patients no matter what your age or health status is. Everyone can find success in this program. You will become empowered and feel the most vital you have felt in years. And best of all, You will be shocked at how simple and sustainable CHANGE is when you take it one step at a time.



Circulation is the movement of blood and lymph throughout the body. Maintaining a vigorous flow is crucial to homeostasis. A stimulated circulation allows cells to thrive, our body to receive oxygen and nutrients and efficiently rid itself of unnecessary fat and cell damaging waste. Learn the simple steps to a stimulated circulation.




Hunger is uncomfortable and we instinctively fixate on seeking relief from it. “True” hunger is a survival instinct. “False” hunger is caused by other uncomfortable feelings like boredom, sadness,  and anxiety. I’ll teach you how to easily separate the two and end the struggle and shame of overeating and diet “failure”.



Being inactive takes the body out of homeostasis.  Regular movement is essential, and yet we are more inactive than ever. Non-exercise activity is directly related to your metabolic rate, fat burning ability and circulation.  Simple steps shift your body from inactive to active, burning calories without sweat, and shifting your body into fat burning mode.



Nutrition is not complicated. We have become disconnected from the thoughtful preparation of our meals out of convenience. “Diets” are too focused on calories and restriction and that has taken you out of homeostasis. Your body is starving, holding onto fat, and your cells aren’t thriving. Learn how easy, delicious, and satisfying it is to give your body the abundance of nutrition it needs to release fat, anti-age and be energized.


General Health

Sleep, Sex, Stress and Social interaction are the core elements that impact the general health of all human beings adding or subtracting from your overall happiness, wellbeing, weight loss, aging, hormonal balance, and susceptibility to disease. Learn the simple steps to bring them into homeostasis and feel the remarkable impact.



In my 60 day program you will learn how easy it is to shift your mindset about exercise and kick the “dreadmill” and meaningless calorie burn habit for good. Gain strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and cardiac capacity while having fun. Ditch the dread and empower your body to be strong for the rest of your life.

I am definitely more aware of how inactive that I had become. Also, I am aware of how you can eat, feel full, and not have it be as fattening or unhealthy by making certain choices. Lana

Before The Well Path program, I was feeling depressed, overwhelmed and unhappy with my body and self. I went from been a full time teacher to a full time mother, which I love by the way!! Although I loved the new the changes, I needed to face the transition, and it was very difficult for me to get back on track . Now I am feeling confident, happy, and great about myself. Royda

When I started the Well Path program, I had very low energy, joint pain and held myself to low limits because of anxiety over burning out. The program really changed my life. I have renewed energy vitality and better health. I feel like I’m in my late 20’s again. I have better focus and endurance. I feel full of hope. My joints don’t ache as much my grey hair has been reduced my menstrual cycle used to be almost debilitating but it’s bearable now. I feel young! Alaké

At the beginning of the program I was not able to listen and understand my body. I am now able to understand how to give my body what it needs and feel satisfied.  Joanne

Prior to the Well Path, I didn’t have a clear idea about how to keep energized throughout the day. The program taught me how to not have so many energy peaks and valleys. Alona

I knew I needed some guidance, but that “push” was necessary to get me there. The education that came with it was good. ANYTHING is possible, but there needs to be no excuses and its something you have to want to do. Filomena

At the beginning of the program I was having difficulty climbing stairs. I always used my rescue inhaler directly thereafter. Not anymore! I feel stronger also, as muscles tent to leave as one ages. The biggest plus in addition to breathing is the increased energy level. Gina

The most notable impact of the Well Path program for my lifestyle was the nutritional component. I wasn’t eating too much food I wasn’t making the correct nutritional choices to feed my body properly. Another tool that I have used to my benefit is stress perspective-especially in learning to deal with the little everyday little stressors that don’t appear to be “little” at the time in a way that is mindful in the moment. Wren

I had just come out of a two and a half year cycle where I lost both my father and step-father and was eating a lot of feel good calories ( dairy queen ) and not taking responsibility for my health. So when I started the program I was in need of a true transformation. I did not lose all the 33 lbs. of fat that was my goal but that was never my 60 day goal. I went into this program knowing that I was going to transform how I take care of my body. This was my chance to create a strong foundation that would be with me for the next 29 years, so I didn’t feel the pressure to kill myself just to lose the weight by the deadline. I am so happy that I am sad for the 60 day phase to be over because I love the program and it’s my way of life now. I will reach my goal of losing 33 lbs. of fat but maybe it will be in 6 months or even more. It doesn’t matter because I have already reached my true goal — the goal of building a new foundation — the goal of transformation. Heather

I was not a priority in any way. Now I am and everyone is tolerant of it! I really am proud of myself and have found the motivation I need to keep going. “going back” isn’t even a consideration. Denise

The program has made me more aware of certain things, like non exercise activity, even though I was aware I was sitting too much during a work day I didn’t focus on how to change that. The Well Path has made me think about ways to “step it up” that I will continue with. The Well Path made me think more about hunger and stress management. Erika

On The Well Path I gained an understanding how I feed myself and what the benefits of proper nutrition are. Mary

The Well Path taught me that awareness is key and learning is doing. Reneé

Having just undergone a double mastectomy, I was limited in my recovery, but because of The Well Path program, I am ready to soar in my recovery. Michelle

The program has made me feel stronger and more aware of my hunger and emotions. I have discovered tools to help myself make a firm foundation of health that’s about more than just my weight and will help me move forward to continue to my goal of being at my most fit self. Caroline

I needed a kick in the butt to help me eat more nutritionally dense foods. I’m so grateful for the soup regimen because it really drove the point home. I was also more aware of empty calories in things like breads and alcohol. The substitution recommendations were great. Emily

Because of The Well Path Program, I feel I was able to make some big strides on being more courageous, getting out of some ruts, and challenging myself to try something new. I’m focusing on this as my successes in the program! 🙂 Catherine

At the beginning of the program, I went in with an open mind, but still had restrictions on my Imagined Results. I have gained in so many ways from the program. Mentally, I have the benefits of coping mechanisms for my Anxiety and Stress to carry through Life. Being a person that also carried heavy restrictions to lose weight in the past, I am now confident in saying that Abs are truly made in the kitchen! Never did I think that I would be able to weigh what I do and feel so good and see results from proper nutrition and fitness right there in the mirror ! I also thought I would be using caffein as a crutch — but i think the Hot Water and Lemon REALLY helps to ween oneself off of coffee. One Soup Sunday – I didn’t even have any – and I felt great! Tracy

The Well Path made it easy to eat healthier and to increase my formal activity (exercise) and informal (just keep moving) activity. Anna

I was stuck: in old eating habits, old emotional reactions and in non exercise mode. Now I am vibrant, non reactive and enjoy the benefits of exercise. Thank you Dr. Jamé.  Diane

I haven’t had a drink ( or wanted one) since New Years

After being on The Well Path, my Arthritis symptoms are less frequent.

Although I didn’t have a need before to reach for snacks based on emotion, this program really helped drive the point home even more.

This program helped make me more aware of taking care of myself and making my health a priority

I loved sharing my story with anyone who asked!

One of my most favorite parts was being part of a supportive female community.

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